FlightDeck Avionics

Sim-Avionics software will fully immerse you into your flightdeck and place you at the heart of the simulation with accurately simulated avionics and systems of a modern glass cockpit environment.

From Desktop solutions to full Flight Training Devices we are able to provide a solution to fit your requirements.

All Autopilot, Navigation, Warnings and System functions are handled within the applications to provide a fully immersive simulation experience compatible with FSX, Prepar3D.

Why Sim-Avionics?

  • Accurate Avionics and Systems Modelling
  • Highly Efficient Architecture resulting in minimal Processor Power Requirements
  • Ability to Run on as little as one or two computers
  • Flexible Setup Configurations
  • Scalable from Desktop to a Full Dual Seat Trainer
  • 737 and 777 versions available
  • Numerous Hardware compatibility options
  • Custom Display Overlay for Professional Rapid Avionics Design and Prototyping

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Depending on the requirement Sim-Avionics has the ability to run on a single computer and still produce smooth fluid graphic, with the option to run on a multiple computers setups across a network using a TCP and UDP Protocol.

With many MCP, CDU and Overhead Hardware compatibility options and a detailed I/O system, all switches and annunciators are accurately modelled and can be intergrated.

Other highlights include :

  • Web based Instructor Station ideal for use on iPad or other tablets
  • Worldwide Terrain radar modelling
  • Weather radar simulation
  • TCAS Simulation
  • 777 EICAS messaging
  • System Integrated Electronic Checklist
  • Sound Client for multi-source flightdeck sounds. This is very important for an accurate flight experience.
  • Pushback simulation

From the quality and detail of the OpenGL displays to the accuracy of the Flight Management Computer and Systems modelling....

Sim-Avionics must be your first choice solution
for an amazing simulation experience.

Latest News

Our first
B737 FAA AATD Approval

Version is now available from the download page.

A Serious Solution

An i7 processor and 3 dual output Graphics cards can easily run all of the avionics displays and CDU's. No more do you require a large bank of computers to run a cockpit, saving on space, heat and running costs.

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