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The Main Avionics Installer also acts as a Demo version when not registered.

Main Avionics Installer - All Aircraft Types

(Includes Demo Mode)

Version 2.05
16th February 2021


These aircraft are complete models for FSX / P3D including accurately tuned flight dynamics
specifically designed to work with our avionics package.
Priority has been given to the flight dynamics but they also include a Visual Model, various Liveries, Sound Sets
and Dynamic Exterior Lighting (P3Dv5).


Version 2.03
10th February 2021


Version 2.00
9th February 2021


Version 2.00
9th February 2021


Version 2.00
9th February 2021


Base Sound Pack (Required)

Version 2.00

ATC Additional Chatter Pack (Optional)

Version 2.00

Terrain Data


Terrain A

Terrain B

Terrain C

Terrain D

Terrain E

Terrain F

Terrain G

Terrain H

Terrain I

Terrain J

Terrain K

Terrain L

Navigation Data

Navigation data can be purchased via subscription from
(download the Sim-Avionics installer and ensure the new nd.mdb is installed to \Sim-Avionics\Navigation_Data


FDS Motorized Throttle Controller
(Pre 2020)

Version 2.02
PH21 Drivers Required
10th February 2021

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