Length129 ft 8 in (39.52 m)
Wingspan117 ft 10 in (35.9 m)
Envelope41,000 feet (12,497 m) Ceiling, Mach 0.79 Cruise
Range3,550 nm (6,570 km)
Thrust29,317 lb

Accurate Displays

All of the main flight displays are included and accurately reproduced in our 737MAX package.

The 737MAX uses the new large screen display format, allowing for more information to be display at one time.

Display switching allows the pilot to manipulate the display layout realtime to show the appropriate information at the correct phase of the flight.

High Fidelity Systems

All of the main 737MAX background systems are included in our core systems.
This is similar to the 737NG systems but with additional logic specific to the 737MAX.

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