Hardware Connectivity

Easy I/O

Interfacing with any FlightDeckSolutions product is extremely simple.
With the dedicated interface many hardware items have minimal or no configuration required.

Other inputs and outputs are simply a case of a couple of clicks.

The dedicated interface handles FDS and other hardware :
Standard I/O interface cards
MCP/EFIS, CDU's and Radios (USB and Ethernet)
Flight Controls / Joystick Axis and Button detection
Display Dimming
Motorized Throttle
Flight Illusion 737 Overhead Gauges
Flight Illusion Flaps, Brake Press, Yaw Damper, Clock, Compass
Phidgets Input, Output, Servo (via Plugin)
Polulu Servos (via Plugin)
Plugin System with SDK

Easy Assignments

No matter if it's a :
Switch, Annunciator, Radio, CDU or a Flight Control
assignment is very simple.

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